Il Trittico del Potere

La partita a scacchi

The final challenge between good and evil... over a game of chess.

The most "conceptual" and hard episode, but I like it very much: I think it has the merit to make once chess the real protagonists, since the game between the Empire and the Kingdom is followed with meticulous attention: it's the very famous Evergreen, fought in Berlin by Anderssen and Dufresne in 1852.

L'impero colpisce ancora

The theft of the King's cloak by the Emperor leads to an unimaginable final battle.

This is one of the episodes that bring out the loudest laughs... the interpretation of my grandmother will last in the History of Cinema.

Il Pupazzo di Legno

The Emperor, in the guise of a ventriloquist, seems to completely dominate the King: but are things exactly as they appear?

This was probably the episode harder to shoot: it is the longest of the series (it lasts more than the double of the longest of the others) and we had only one day for this so large cast (that means eight people, nowadays normal to me!)... luckily we shot it the last day before the rain. It was a big party at the Paolonis, whom I always thank for this possibility!

Il Concilio

A Council of the Triptych which seems impossible to meet, as if the members were bewitched.

This episode is one of those I have a harder feeling with: we had to shoot it at the Fontana Maggiore of Perugia but ended up shooting it at the tower of Torgiano. But usually people who don't know this story like it.

Il secondo volto dell'Impero

A nice goblin spins yarns about ancient feuds between the Triptych, while an old prophecy comes true.

Il Trittico del Potere e il dominio del mondo

In an unfair international contest, the members of the Triptych vie for world supremacy.

This is the first work I've ever edited... and, in my opinion, it come out well; perhaps it's my favourite episode (although it's only the second one I ever shot).

Il Nemico del Trittico

The Triptych faces its worst enemy.

This is the first episode that I'm technically proud of... I prefer not to think about what the people of the condominium wondered seeing us cutting capers wearing balaclavas.

Operazione Falco-Notturno

A sniper is disturbed while taking aim.

This time it was up to Valerio! The entire short has been shot specularly respect to how it had been thought, since when we arrived at the location we found a car parked exactly where we wanted to stay... Backstage images documented that the car left exactly at the end of our shooting!

Missione Impossibile

All the three members of the Triptych want to take part in the same mission... but there's space for just one of them.

While in the first episode I had been the protagonist, here Carlo caught the main role: I liked the idea that in the first three episodes we would have exchanged it among us to describe us all.

Il Trittico del Potere e il Destino dell'Universo

A series of phone calls between three mighty powers of the Earth seems to be on the point of deciding the destiny of universe...

This is the very first short I ever shot, when I wasn't supported by any study, but only by the enthusiastic vision of all the movies that filled my childhood.