Operazione Falco-Notturno

Episode III

A sniper is disturbed while taking aim.

This time it was up to Valerio! The entire short has been shot specularly respect to how it had been thought, since when we arrived at the location we found a car parked exactly where we wanted to stay... Backstage images documented that the car left exactly at the end of our shooting!

CREDITS || With Carlo Stanganini, Valerio Desiderio, Giacomo R. Bartocci, Deborah Cappelletti | Camera operator: Simone Mariani | Opening titles: Simone Mariani | Technical assistant: Stefano Paoloni | Production design: Emanuela Ughi | Story, screenplay, editing, direction: Giacomo R. Bartocci | Thanks: Stefano Paoloni, Antonio Bernacchi, Emanuela Ughi, Flavio Mariani, Anna Stanganini, Judit Jassó, Chiara & Pilli