Missione Impossibile

Episode II

All the three members of the Triptych want to take part in the same mission... but there's space for just one of them.

While in the first episode I had been the protagonist, here Carlo caught the main role: I liked the idea that in the first three episodes we would have exchanged it among us to describe us all.

CREDITS || With Carlo Stanganini, Valerio Desiderio, Giacomo R. Bartocci, Deborah Cappelletti | Camera operator: Simone Mariani | Make Up: Deborah Cappelletti | Bassoon: Piero Montanucci | Thanks: Emanuela Ughi, Elisa Montanucci, Rita Vincenti, Alessandro Paolini, Anna Stanganini, Stefano Paoloni | Direction, story, screenplay, editing: Giacomo Radegondo Bartocci