Il Trittico del Potere e il dominio del mondo

Episode V

In an unfair international contest, the members of the Triptych vie for world supremacy.

This is the first work I've ever edited... and, in my opinion, it come out well; perhaps it's my favourite episode (although it's only the second one I ever shot).

CREDITS || Con Valerio Desiderio, Carlo Stanganini, Giacomo R. Bartocci, Simone Mariani (as himself, voice only, uncredited) | Camera operators: Simone Mariani, Giacomo R. Bartocci | Costums: Emanuela Ughi | Story, screenplay, directed and edited by: Giacomo R. Bartocci | Thanks: Umberto Bartocci, Emanuela Ughi, Federica Ciucciomini, Carlo Stanganini, Valerio Desiderio | Stop motion: Flavio Mariani (original equipment and technical supervision), Giacomo R. Bartocci (technical assistant), Simone Mariani (map maker) | Planisphere: Emanuela Ughi