Il secondo volto dell'Impero

Episodio V bis

A nice goblin spins yarns about ancient feuds between the Triptych, while an old prophecy comes true.

Well, the "bis” is there to indicate that this episode was thought after the writing of the series had been completed: the fact that Valerio could not participate to the shootings was a big problem, because we had already shot the episodes from the first to the fifth... and the last one, the nineth, that furthermore had the same location and costumes of the fifth! Episodes from sixth to eighth were in peril. This escamotage, combined with little portents here and there (in the fourth, sixth and eighth episodes), let us keep the character of the Emperor letting him be played by another actor... I must say it was worth the trouble, since Chiara Messina as the goblin reveald herself to be wonderful!

CREDITS || Written, directed and edited by Giacomo R. Bartocci | With Chiara Messina, Valerio Desiderio, Stefano Mariani, Carlo Stanganini (himself), Emanuela Ughi (herself), Paola Luciani (herself), Simone Mariani (himself, voice, uncredited), Giacomo R. Bartocci (himself, voice, uncredited) | Boom operators: Carlo Stanganini (int), Emanuela Ughi (ext) | Costumes: Emanuela Ughi | Runner (esterni): Paola Luciani | Operatori macchina: Simone Mariani, Giacomo R. Bartocci | Ringraziamenti: Emanuela Ughi, Umberto Bartocci, Blerta Zeqja, Irena Zeqja