Il Pupazzo di Legno

Episodio VII

The Emperor, in the guise of a ventriloquist, seems to completely dominate the King: but are things exactly as they appear?

This was probably the episode harder to shoot: it is the longest of the series (it lasts more than the double of the longest of the others) and we had only one day for this so large cast (that means eight people, nowadays normal to me!)... luckily we shot it the last day before the rain. It was a big party at the Paolonis, whom I always thank for this possibility!

CREDITS || With Carlo Stanganini, Stefano Mariani, Giacomo R. Bartocci, Eleonora Karimi Hosseini, Elisa Vitelli, Stefania Danieli, Silvia Racano, Stefano Paoloni, Simone Mariani (himself, voice, uncredited), Emanuela Ughi (herself) | Camera operator: Simone Mariani | Make Up: Emanuela Ughi | Costumes: Emanuela Ughi | Transportation: Emanuela Ughi, Federica Ciucciomini | Clapboard: Stefano Paoloni | Direction: Giacomo R. Bartocci | Thanks: Umberto Bartocci, the Paolonis