Il Nemico del Trittico

Episodio IV

The Triptych faces its worst enemy.

This is the first episode that I'm technically proud of... I prefer not to think about what the people of the condominium wondered seeing us cutting capers wearing balaclavas.

CREDITS || With Stefano Mariani, Simone Mariani, Valerio Desiderio (credited for the voice only), Carlo Stanganini, Giacomo R. Bartocci | Written, directed and edited by: Giacomo R. Bartocci | Camera operator and grip: Simone Mariani | Costums: Emanuela Ughi | Titles (programmers): Giampietro Farina, Flavio Mariani, Giacomo R. Bartocci | Thanks: Emanuela Ughi, Judit Jassó, Francesco Ricci, Francesco Rosati, Francesca Salvati Bartocci