Il Trittico del Potere

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With the typical wisdom of the sixteen years old boy, I didn't choose to start with a single short movie, but with a series of ten episodes (whose last one is strangely the nineth!), for a total running time 45 minutes. 
For some a mythological narration of the battle between Good and Evil; for others the absurd adventures of three friends. 
Because the Tryptich of Power, before being cinema, was born by the union of Carlo (King of the Lonely Solfigeas, a term that I asked my mother to urgently put on paper while I was waking up before school, afraid of forgetting something so important that only a dream could have brought!), me (His Grey Eminence, after the second movie we saw together at th cinema: A beautiful mind) and Valerio (that, necessarily, became too a man of the Power: the Emperor).
Then, in one of thos moments appearently meaningless of life, like putting a foot on a particular step of one's home stairs, I was electrocuted by the eureka: the idea of what would have become the first episode later (and what an idea, thinking of it now!).
The fact that the group of friends (and "enemies") was always the same offered then the cue to develope many other episodes, that end up composing this work, imprecise, adolescent and absurd... ma that in certain way I still consider one of my most important works.
The entire series was broadcast only on 2011 August 15th, for the all day in rotation, on UFO Solar TV.
Here the EPISODE LIST., with further curios.