Franco Brocani - A Mechanical Heart in an Anonymous Body

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I knew by months that sometimes my friend Corrado went to work as first AD for an indipendent feature film in a small town near Rome... only when the end of the shooting was close, during a lunch in Cinecittà, he pronounced Franco Brocani's name. I was so surprised that I couldn't keep my enthusiasm, staggering my commensals, since no one had ever hear anything about him nor seen a film of his.
On the contrary I had been bewitched by his Clodia – Fragmenta, that I had caught on Fuori Orario, so I asked Corrado to go with him, also helping for the shootings of Le opere e i giorni.
So this documentary started, as a backstage... but only of the last days of shooting. There was few material, the interviews were very interesting, and opened my vision to an very larger universe of themes, quotations and references, woven and present in all his movies.
Inserting the material with excerpts from previous Brocani's works and with the author's speeches at the presentation of the film, first at the Turin Film Festival, then at the Cinema Trevi of the Cineteca Nazionale, the documentary changed, ending up talking about his cinematography, beginning from Necropolis.
CREDITS || Director: Giacomo R. Bartocci | Drawings: Jonathan Soverchia | Camera operators: Giacomo R. Bartocci, Corrado Ceron | Additional camera operator: Paolo Balmas | Thanks: Paolo Balmas | With Franco Brocani, Giuseppe Gariazzo, Riccardo Reim, Piero Anchisi, Lisa Bencivenni, Franco Lecca, Bruno Di Marino, Manlio Rocchetti, Corrado Ceron, Stefano Usberghi, Veronica Esposito, Marilena Vinci, Vittorio Sodano, Mirella Ginnoto, Pietro Galletti, Luca Carrera, Brigitte Grueninger, Maurizia Scapin, Riccardo Monteleone, Giacomo R. Bartocci | In the archive footage: NECROPOLIS: Pierre Clementi, Rada Rassimov, Karl Baumgartner, Thomas Rudi, Peter Stieffel, Bruno Corazzari, Georg Willing, Carmelo Bene, Viva; CLODIA - FRAGMENTA: Olimpia Carlisi, Riccardo Reim; MEDICINA I MISTERI: Gianna Breil, Pietro Faiella; LE OPERE E I GIORNI: Franco Brocani, Riccardo Reim, Omar Ckmir, Bartosz Lewandowski, Giorgia Sartini, Brigitte Grueninger, Maurizia Scapin, Nico Garrone, Sergio Tau