Ufo Solar: a new television season of the web TV out of any scheme

From the deepening journalistic talk show to the miniseries about the aliens. Here the new programs

(a –not so– free translation)

UFO Solar TV, the web television out of any scheme, that mingles experience and creativity together, officially opens the news television season 2010/2011 with new formats and regular appointments. Starting from Monday, October 4th, and during all the season, at 9.30 p.m. the very new format “Un PIZZIco di sale”, deepening semi-journalistic talk show created and hosted by Domenico Pizzi and made by the editorial staff of BadSide, will be broadcast, strictly live. Inspired by the subject discussed by national and local press during the week, Domenico Pizzi and his special guest hosts will talk about current affairs, politics, sex and much more, rigorously in front of a rich table and of a bottle of wine. “When television hasn't taste anymore, add a Pizzico di sale (a touch of salt) to your palimpsest”.

One minute before “Un PIZZIco di sale”, at 9:29 p.m., starting from October 4th for each Monday till Christmas, the broadcasting will be opened by the micro short movies by Giacomo R. Bartocci, director and creator of the TV series “Aliens Inside”; thirteen episodes in exclusivity for UFO Solar, in company with a misfit alien and his adventures through the streets of the Capital. Assured laughs! The episode will then rotate during all the week. Starting from October 14th, the new season of the series Badside, from the studios of Radio Centro Bari, will be on air each Thursday at 10:30 p.m. on UFO Solar. After the great success of the previous season, once again the best music from the underground from Puglia is hosted each week by Domenico Pizzi's aquarium, with live performances, interviews and exclusive curiosities and the participation of the public in chat. An unmissable hour of music!

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