Red sky at night, Umbrian filmmakers' delight

Interesting show organized by the association “Cavtha” in the renowned restaurant of Passignano sul Trasimeno

(a –not so– free translation)

Various themes for the shorts of the season: someone imagined the last love date of a couple in a world in the middle of a catastrophe ("Last Date" by Officine Macadam) , someone else looks at followed the odyssey of a castaway ("L'ultima spiaggia" by Matteo Lucidi) who assigns his last message to a glass bottle, ecologist metaphor for an unavoidable natural disaster, someone wants to sound the rhythm of the world and of the things ("Ritmo" by Filippo Fagioli) and someone, like Luca Bimi, has been able to condemn ("Censura") the presence of a plague –censorship– that mortifies the freedom of thought of cinema unchanged during time, with a few frames, in a first moment in B/N and the with colour, someone, with great fancy has made a short within a short ("Aliens Attak" by Giacomo Bartocci), telling, outside the official set, with irony and humor, the difficulties of realizing a movie centered on an alien attack made by a group of young extemporaneus filmmakers or someone else, as Gianni Ferrara did in "Ascensore", made a short about a situation that often happens in big metropolies: to remain in a blocked elevator with someone suffering panic attacks and claustrophobia. For the last screening, a medium-lenght movie by Giulietta Mastroianni about the life and the works of Gerardo Dottori, produced by the Comune di Perugia and the Università per Stranieri. The short stories are the avant-garde of an infinite passion for cinema that sometimes dies after the second or third work and that other times leads to medium-lenght movies. Filmmakers seldom reach the feature-film format and the cinema hall. So it is very noble the effort of the Association "Cavtha" of San Savino that gathered a group of young Umbrian filmmakers in the restaurant of Passignano "Rosso di sera" (Red Sky at Night, editor's note) to make them known by the public "but also", as the president Alessio Renzetti says, "to make them know each other". Some of them are already known in Umbria since they participated to the "Bianco Film Festival" (desaparecido because of the lack of attention by the local authorities) and at UmbriaMetraggi of the "Montone Festival" (an event that still exists just for the good will of the organizers), other less known looking for a screen where to start to officially "exist". Giacomo Bartocci, having studied at the School of Cinema of Rome, had the possibility to use the Cinecittà Studio where Martis Scorsese shot his "Gangs of New York". "In truth" he told "nobody was interested in what we were doing in a few hours of shooting". The same thing happens in Umbria where also public cultural authorities of the region don't know about what Umbrian filmmakers are doing. Luckily there are Associations, "progressive" restaurants and festivals survivor to the regional cinema "catastrophe", happened both for the screens and for the Film Commission, that melted as snow in the sun.

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