Independent cinema in Italy: on UFO Solar TV emerging director Giacomo R. Bartocci

During the program Un PIZZIco di Sale, Aliens Inside's author announced the second season of the series

(a –not so– free translation)

Independent cinema in Italy: present and future scenario, troubles but also possibilities. Yesterday evening at Un PIZZIco di Sale (a program with and by Domenico Pizzi and Marzia Papagna) on air on UFO Solar TV. Among the hosts also Giacomo R. Bartocci, emerging director and author of the independent series Aliens Inside, who participated on the occasion of the broadcast of the last episode of the first season. From the debate and after the opinions expressed by Giacomo R. Bartocci, the main problem of Italian independent cinema is related to promotion and distribution. And this doesn't depend on a lack of market for these products –the presence of an "independent department" of the Hollywood majors in the last years seems to confirm this fact– but because distribution in Italy is handled by few subjects that tend to brace only projects with streghten formulas and famous actors. In a word, projects assuring success at the box office. In this scenario, as Giacomo R. Bartocci underlines, independent directors have an essential role. After having realized a project, in order to have it seen and known by the public, it's necessary for him/her to learn how to promote it and distribute it, after the famous Spike Lee's saying: «If you have a film and you're talented and someone is not seeing it, it's your fault». On the occasion, after the broadcast of the last episode of the first season of Aliens Inside, Giacomo R. Bartocci announced that the second season of the series is now in preparation, and revealed that this time the alien protagonist will be a woman. What happens if instead of a man is a woman to pass unnoticed? There'll be interesting situations. In the meanwhile, waiting for the second series, it's possible to continue to feel aliens inside going to the site of the series ( and creating a personal alien e-card, with a photo and a customizable shout-message (

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