If Tv 2011: today the finalists

(a –not so– free translation)

After a week dense of events, with crowded workshops and late shows conduced by Giacomo Ciccio Valenti with Gene Gnocchi, Giuseppe Giacobazzi, Enzo Iacchetti and Marco Berry, tonight IF TV 2011 arrives at the end. In very young followers crowded workshops, the event dedicated to pilots and new projects for television held in San Benedetto del Tronto hosted prestigious expert personalities such Comedy Central's director Alessandro Grieco, TV directors Duccio Forzano and Riccardo RecchiaGiuseppe Catalano (Yam112003) and Federica Tremolada (Youtube), the screen writers  Maurizio Sangalli and Renata Avidano, the author of Sfide Simona Ercolanie and the anchor Fiammetta Cicogna.

It's the last date of the first edition of this festival of the ideas dedicated to young talents of television. A total of 91 pilots have been presented, among sitcom, minifiction, docufiction not to speak about the professional speed dating with important productions such Endemo, Zodiak and Triangle. The giury composed by Riccardo Chiattelli (Cielo), Alessandro Grieco, Riccardo Recchia, Marco Rosi (FoxChannel Italy), Alberto Rossini (Digicast Sky), Alessandro Saba (responsible of production for the entertainment of Italia 1), Duccio Forzano, Laura Corbetta (Yam112003) and Federica Tremolada will choose 4 finalists among all the presented pilots that will be divided in four categories: entertainment, infotainment webtainment and fiction. The absolute winner will be chosen among these latters and will have the opportunity to see made and broadcast is format on Italia 1.

Hard to foresee who can win, due to the high number of quality projects presented, some of which with a production quality that can qualify them for the broadcast on generalist channels, satellite or web. Here the list of all the projects presented at IF Tv and we give you appointment to the next hours with the finalists.


Starting from Monday to today, this the list of the pilots in competition at Idea Format tv 2011:

Buona La seconda” by Alessio Allegretti, 10’, entertainment

A group of students introduces a movie indicating info and funny trivia.

Okus Kero” by Gustavo Garrafa, 7’ 30”, animation

A fantastic place where our wishes come true and where gods of the zodiac come in help of human genre thank to Okus Kero.

Nobili Incanti, Incantevoli Dimore” by Andrea Serlupi Crescenti, fiction

The format accompaigns the viewers visiting some of the most important Italian historical mansions, with exclusive images and spontaneous conversations with the proprietors that now live there. A noble couple will weave an unusual plot of friendly confidences.

Flep” by Riccardo Riande, 3’, webtainment

A young graduate is taken as a stagiare by an important company: his dream… unfortunately he will spend all his time in a closet making photocopies.

I Plinius” by Giovanna Pica, 4’ 50”, entertainment

Comic videos suitable for all targets and of various length, that can be put in the classic “daily tape stopgap” or interval variety programs.

Pop Fiction” by Roberto Campagna and Elena De Rosa, 24’, webtainment

Web-radio daily program thought as a game where the cast is open at the participation of the public.

Quella Casa Sarà Mia” by Mario Mottola, 17’, fiction

Luca, realtor, would like to go cohabiting with Simona; in the agency where he works he finds a good deal at a good price, but in each episode he will have to deal with clients sent from the boss that tries not to let him have the house.

Sithome” by Patrizio Cossa and Fabio Leonardi, 6’, webtainment

A sit com based on the concept of UGC, made by users that interact with the site. They can propose stories or screenplays, that, if valued positively, can become real pilots thanks to a screenplay writers team.

Note di cucina” by Olivia Vagni, 2’ 59’’, entertainment

Cooking show in two parts: the first dedicated each time to a different locality, in the second two actors of the CTR company of Macerata that will cook a traditional recipe.

Io seduco” by Andrea Luzardi, 5’ 19’’, entertainment

Seduction lessons and candid camera, with the man-seducer Alessandro Buzzi.

Socialmente pericolosi” by Fabio Venditti, 7’ 50’’, fiction

Young robbers try the big one making a movie on the real outskirts life and to finance it they enter drug trafficking. The conflict with the system and the high society will be inevitable.

Compagnia di bellezza” by Cinzia Mirabella, 16’, pilot

The story takes place in a beauty salon presided over by a bewildering forty years old woman who works with other equally bewildering women.

Ovalbin” by Andrea Materiale, 11’ 35’’, entertainment

Show that tells the world of rugby across the board: the oval ball is just the thread that binds the places, the characters and the stories presented by Luca and Daniela.

Homeless” by Riccardo Piferi, 12’, sitcom

The World seen through the eyes of two homeless people.

I viaggi di Ale” by Alessandro Marras, 23’ 59’’, entertainment

Meeting point between a documentary format and a program of entertainment. It tries to meet the varied interests of the public: nature, adventure, landscape, culture, traditions, entertainment ...

Aliens inside” by Giacomo R. Bartocci, from 30’’ to 50’’, webtainment

A very eye-catching alien wonders through the city ... without being noticed by anyone!

Beyond the mystery” by Franco Fraternale, 18’, fiction

In an abandoned museum the guardian protects the memory of fantastic stories that have no place in the real world. He dusts off the classics of fantastic fiction and original stories by contemporary authors, making the alive to the eyes of the viewers.

Sei a zero” by Alessandro Valori and Francesco Colangelo, from 30’’ to 5’, fiction

Six soccer players meet every Thursday, and, between the field and the locker room, vent their daily frustrations.

Claud” by Lorenzo Castrignano, 14’, fiction.

Sketchs set in a shoe store and sportswear that actually exists in Milan, based on facts really happened.

M.C.D. minor crime division” by Giuseppe Consolandi, 8’47”, Webtaiment

Two employees decide to change their lives and show what they think they know how to do: the cops. The goal is to rebuild the old and new TV detective series in a parody.

Il tifoso” by Romano Garofalo, 1’52”, Entertainment

The soccer world presented in humorous and satirical way, taking as protagonist the fan type, which summarizes and exemplifies the whole category.

InforMare” by Giulio Tepedino, 22’, Infotaiment

The format is the brainchild of a veterinary expert in the fishing industry and food technologist. Each episode is addressed to Italian consumers to discover a fish product on the market thanks to a "personal shopper" expert.

Ray Sugar School” by Christian Ippolito, 12’, pilot

Ray Sugar Sandro is a singer, dancer, actor, painter, poet and athlete who can not do any of these things. After a lifetime of failures decides to open a school to meet and help human cases.

Peccati di moda” by Roberta Spinelli, 15”, Infotaiment

Each episode analyzes every sin through reports and interviews, connecting it to the sphere where it is best represented: in short, where sin has become fashion.

4k“ by Luigi Maria Perotti, 15’, fiction

It is a series that has as its protagonists professionals cardsharpers, people who are used to circumvent the rules to deceive opponents, where nothing is ever as it seems.

Le ombre” by Domenico Di Berardino e Andrea Carraro, 7’, intrattenimento

Acid stories told through the shadows of the characters.

Faccia libro” by Andrea Luzzardi, 4’51”, webtainment

The big problems that the most popular social network leads to the protagonists of sitcoms.

Wanda e Pipo” by Francesco Colangelo, from 30” to 5’, fiction

A modern couple: a single mother and his teenage son.

Axel Bros” by Emilio Gatto, 9’ 20”, fiction

Axel will search and find his brother discovering that his beyond his disappearence there is the most dangerous organization with which Detroit has ever had to do.

Il mistero del cronovisore” by Gennaro Tatarella, 25’ 07”, fiction

Although not everything is possible everything is possible, is the leitmotif of Alex, an investigative journalist who divorced divorced from the dominant paradigm of topics. When the protagonist comes across in the secret plans for the construction of Chronovisor is to discover the conspiracies that have marked the progress of humanity.

Dillo con parole tue” by Alessandro Marinaro, 12’, infotainment

It's an instant way to give voice to the voiceless people, pills that offer everyone the chance to tell and talk about a free rein to any topic.

Africa trek” by Nacho Chueca, 50’, entertainment

A team of five people across Africa, with the aim of showing the importance that soccer is for this continent, analyzing the most pure and authentic values ​​of this sport.

Musica a traffico limitato” by Stefano Grilli, 24’, infotainment

It wants to address to an audience that has left the television and takes refuge in the web to find the music (youtube). In each episode invited soloists and groups to discourage this habit.

Gusto italiano” by Paolo Valentini, 20’, entertainment

It presents Italian stuff in the form of the rotogravure: events, local products, art, culture...

Extreme sports camp” by Simone Salatino and Federica Gregotti, 30’, entertainment

Two teams of four VIPs and two NIPs make a week of camp. Winners will face for a third challenge to elect the winner of the series.

Che (a) Mar” by Loris Rossi, 23’ 25’’, fiction

A marine biologist moves to Naples with her daughter, a blow to her husband, as his renegade brother lives there.

I Pre-occupati” by Giampiero Damato, 27’, entertainment

Two fresh graduates share a room on the outskirts of Rome, spend their lives between job interviews and disappointing. The apathy and waiting reign supreme.

Citofonare Trotta” by Davide Trotta, 12’, sitcom

Four friend decide to do television at home.

Nowhere man” by Franz Miceli, 3’, fiction

A series of animations with no dialogue, only sound effects and music. The protagonist is a man that does not exist, in his country that does not exist, and in each episode he is grappling with common objects in the real world, that he doesn't know.

Kung Tusion” by Igor Maltagliati and Federico Grego, 18’, fiction

Gianni e Ghigo, idlers, will become two funny "infiltrated" of the police, assisted by masters of martial arts that will save them anyway ...

Poker story” by Fabrizio Fontana, 20’, entertainment

Stories of life told told at the poker table.

Bella zio” by Giuseppe Longinotti, 24’, docu-fiction

The protagonist will face many young metropolitan tribes (supersnob, indierock milanesi).

SlimNorton” by Nicola Filiali, 1’ 47’’, entertainment

Two secret agents, very different one from the other, live dome adventures.

DetecTVe” by Gabriele Marino, 13’, fiction

A detective that has a case to investigate on for each episode. In the first one, thanks to a journalist friend of his, he finds unmistakable evidence to solve the case.

Existenz – Emc” by Stefano Appunzo and Luisa Grisanti, 23’20”, infotainment

Six different services that address a specific aspect of the plot between video, art, literature, television, comics and movies. The idea of the product is that cinema is a form of storytelling "alive" that draws on contemporary forms of expression.

Cronache del futuro presente” by Giuseppe De Vita, 15’, infotainment

A path to know the boundaries between man and cyborg, obedient and indestructible machines present in many visions of the future, from comics to movies.

Teaching fields” by Maria Elena Marabotto, 18’, infotainment

The mission of the product is to deepen a sport still unclear. Each episode is contextualized by the image of the country where that specific sport is important and lets the audience know the rules, the people, the places and the championships. The presenter is an integral part of the program: learning the rules, he trains and talks about his experience.

Made in Italy” by Mario Bargi, 24’, infotainment

Thought for a foreign audience, it tries to make the let it discover Italian cuisine with an innovative game where the contestants will be put into difficulties in different ways.

Dalla A alla Z” by Antonello Zitelli, 25’, infotainment

A TV format "played" on the word. An unusual and creative way to interview a character more or less known.

Investigatore Gallo” by Alfio Agata, 15’, fiction

Detective Gallo must solve a new case: someone has stolen the top-knot of Mr. Siviglia, a highly respected hairdresser. Thanks to his factotum secretary he will succeed.

L’annuncio” by Andrea Di Bartolo, 26’, fiction

Luke and Clara broke up and a friend of his organizes a series of very particular dates to cheer him up... without imagining of putting him in quite embarrassing situations...

Dietro le quinte” by Luca Dal Canto, 60’, fiction

Livorno, the small theater run by Leo Martini opens and there will be some news, Leo will also have to rescue her niece Stella.

Piatti Freddi” by Cinzia Comandè, 6’59”, entertainment

 An innovative way to bring the kitchen on television, in fact, spectators will be faced with a history such as a classic yellow, but with the particularity of a recipe explained within the same.

The Green Tribe” by Daniele Mantegazza, 5’, infotainment

Animated film with kids with super powers related to renewable energy, the goal is to raise awareness among younger viewers about environmental issues.

Controcorrente” by Daniele Mantegazza, 32’, docu-fiction

The protagonist takes a journey upriving the Po, discovering the places and the culture that develops around the banks of the River.

Curiosity” by Marianna Villani, 14’ 46”, entertainment

Show where a native and a tourist compte, both being given a card with five questions about the city in question, the locals have to do the interviews only to the citizens, the tourists only to residents. Who gets the most answers in an hour wins.

Jonson Brothers” by Andrea Gallo, 2’30”, webtainment

Saga of three brothers at all ambitious, totally inept and who tackle situations at the brink of madness.

Suite Dreams” by Matteo Lena, 18’, fiction

The real estate agent Valeria risks to be fired but avoids it, thanks to the arrival of a friend who steered her away from the office to a bachelorette party. She will find himself drunk to dream the most unexpected situations.

Fuori Sinc” by Monica Pariante, 28’35”, sit com

A dubbing studio holder contracts debt with loan sharks and will make pressure on the director of the dubbing to speed the delivery of the movie... delaying payments for actors.

Soli vecchi e cattivi” by Stefano Amadio, from 12’ to 15’, fiction

Two cynical real estate agents buy the rights to sell the home of an elderly couple, but the latters have some surprises for them.

L’appuntamento” by Munchies Production, 2’, sit com

Gags told from the perspective of two corpses to the morgue. True black humor.

tgpet”by Enzo Sferra, 10’, webtainment

Nothing goes unnoticed to our pets that are found to comment on the world of "human", from light gossip to the problem of environmental pollution.

Cose che capitano” by Luca Calone, fiction

In small villages rumors run faster, two villager love gossiping about a neighbor with particular habits.

Due sbirri quasi perfetti” by Giovanni Cangialosi, 24’, fiction

Two policemen, convinced to find a convict at house arrest... find themselves at a wake.

Live in style” by Paola Amendolara, infotainment

A program where trends, fashion, cooking, art, and the engines are told in an exclusive and dynamic, each episode is composed by 5 services from 3 to 6 minutes.

Boardland”by Daniele D’Urso, fiction

Zoran will follow a world surfing tour, telling us the results and the nobler aspects of the sport.

Call center” by Marco Tesei, 24’, entertainment

The first game show where contestants can bring their friends... leaving them home, thanks to Facebook!

Assolti o rimborsati” by Federico Greco and Giuliano Braga, 12’, fiction

The new tenant of the Tanzi family is an Iraqi representative of cosmetic, but he is mistaken for a poor immigrant... leading to an heated discussion on Christianity, religion firmly supported by the Tanzi family.

Mister chef” by Stefania Zilio, entertainment

10 contestants divided into two teams competing in valorising typical Venetian products will be judged by a panel of chefs.

Sicily on the road” by Leonardo Licata, 22’, entertainment

A project born from the passion for motorcycles and the love for Sicily in order to promote the region through the eyes of the Centaurs.

Fuori dal comune” by Michele Di Corato, 22’, fiction

A traffic warden at her first day, trying to stop a fight, is affected to one eye, clumsy investigations start to get to the culprit.

The case” by Frank Weinberg, 6’, short movie

A suitcase is stolen, the thief is a former legionnaire.

Telecinesi” by Alessandro Visconti, 24’, sit com

A local Italian television is purchased by a Chinese entrepreneur who quickly turns it into a laboratory of harnessing of the human resources, creating pirate copies of popular programs, using doubles of Italian actors.

Insania” by Rocco Bernini, 34’, fiction

On her first day of work, a young psychiatrist runs up into the case of a uxoricida that awakens the ancient memory of a tragic past.

La deriva del panda” by Fabrizio Luisi, 20’, fiction

The daily lives of three roommate boys is turned upside down by their new neighbor girls.

Maneggiare con cura”by Rosalba Battaglia, 3’, entertainment

The owl Babbù runs into Betty, the pot of boiling water, and learns for the first time to handle one of the many dangerous objects which are located in the house.

Pong” by Pier Mauro Tamburini, 6’, fiction

The lives of two friends is punctuated by video games. They spend hours to figure out how to blow up Lara Croft beyond a moat.

Gladys Hits Italy” by Marco Fenni, 22’, infotainment

Gladys, very fancy 45 years old employed in a bookshop library, wins a trip in a publish company's contest and heads to Rome.

Un dià una casa” by Olivier Huygens, 4’, infotainment

An extravagant professor presents and tries to solve in each episode a different question about the world around him. The first will be on the balloons.

Però che non si sappia in giro by Dario Bertini, 24’, entertainment

An anchor will accidentally meet a VIP during his/her daily chores and he'll succeed to accompaign him/her for the entire day, extorting confidences and anecdotes never told.

Fronte dal palco” by Giuseppe Verdel, 23’, entertainment

Program devoted to music and live performances by artists of value. In the pilot there are the Marlene Kuntz.

Buonasera professore” by Fabio Freccia, 10’, Fiction

A retired professor is the protagonist and the viewer understands the bad and the good of society due to its expressions.

Benvenuti a casa nostra” by Franco Diaferia, 24’, fiction

A boss of the district is targeting gas stations without knowing that he's going up against New Jersey's boss.

Ui ount iu” by C. Veneziano

It takes advantage of the widespread need that everyone has to appear, so it gives everybody this opportunity... but there is a price to pay...

Satanism for dummies” by Federico Cappabianca, 11’30”, webtainment

Concetta's voice presents a group of Neapolitan Satanists, the beasts, intent to sacrifice a virgin.

118” di Dominick Tambasco, 5’, fiction

The two protagonists are two stretcher bearers working in ambulances and in this case must help an immigrant who has cut his finger.

…Alice non lo sa” by Alessandro Guida, 50’, fiction

Alice is sent to "forced vacation" after being rejected at school, but his special holiday takes a turn: she will find love.

Non è un paese per vecchi” by Luca Gatti, 33’, entertainment

The story of two grandparents who lived through the last century and reveal urban legends and anecdotes of their period.

Reading these short synopsis, which pilots do you, dear readers, prefer?

Michele Biondi
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