Hand-crafted cinephilia and humor in Bartocci's works

Aliens and identity problems:11 and a half and 10+an_half+1

(a –not so– free translation)

What a nice thing to discover the pleasure of making cinema in a young filmmaker. It's non common today that an experimenter is able to combine, entertaining us, handicraft and plain cleverness. Young Giacomo R. Bartocci conveys the classic taste of the cinephile and of the set, the tenderness of the job and of the human relationships of those who make it. And with the Making of of his firt 11 and a half (how much do we like this title?!) he makes a breakthrough in his research and in the development of his discours, always more balanced despite of his psychoanalytic imbalance! All the possibilities and all the filmic elements are staked. Through the alternations of the plots in a sparkling and never banal use of the editing, the synchronization of sound and of voices off and on screen, the light changes to underline the meta-cinematographic game, the profilmic and the set-ups which convey the sense of cliché, nostalgically wanted, and little but true emotions. Do we want to play? So let's name names: Corman, Fellini, George Lucas... Can you understand how much we like this classicism? Last but not least going far beyond the Making of, with the two or three fiction levels, the psichoanalyst's couch and the alien hanging his head, who lifts his eyes to the sky, between the rooftops of the city... What to say? We're looking for 12 and a half!

Claudio Fora
MP News
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