Green Sound Festival

The association of social promotion “LeMiriadi49” worked for realizing a Festival for environmental sensitization, the “Green Sound Festival” that will take place on 2010 August 25th at the Parco Gondar of Gallipoli, with the support of Legambiente and L.I.L.T. Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori. During the event, it's planned a speech of the Dr. Giuseppe Serravezza, well known oncologist strongly committed in the fights for the right to health.

Philosophy of “LeMiriadi49”
The Association “LeMiriadi49” was born by the venture of a group of young people that decided to combine forces and minds to get common tasks. The name of the association is ispired to the code of the first degree course “ LM49” where the project started. The word “miriads” wants to suggest the idea of infinity: infinite unexpressed possibilities to develop, infinite relationships between people adding value to their social context through their work.
The space where “LeMiriadi49” works has, indeed, lost a merely geographical connotation, to become a relational space, dynamic think-tank of knowledge, that through the cooperation and the possible links in an ideal net, fosters Knowledge transfers inside and outside the territorial context, in such a way to increase the cultural and economical capital.
From the point of view of an improvement of the human lifestyle, of the producing activities, of the services and of the search for an optimal allotment of local resources, one of the tasks of the association and of the event is the diffusion and promotion of the culture of the responsible turism.
Concept of the Event: festival of environmental sensitizing based on the philosophy of the three “R”: Reduction ( of materials to use ), Re-use (new use of the materials through creativity), Recycle ( send the product on a right course of de-assembling and re-use of its components).
Kind of event: festival/concert in only one day, and parallel activities of creative laboratories, projections of photos and documentaries.
Specific tasks: sensitize the public about environmental issues.
With the Patronage of:
L.I.L.T. Sezione provinciale di Lecce
Regione Puglia
Provincia di Lecce
Comune di Gallipoli
Progetto Universitas
Pro Loco di Lecce
A.P.T. di Lecce
In collaboration with:
Sinergy Art Studio and Associazione Culturale Cinem’Art of Roma
Circolo di Parabita “23 Giugno 1920”
9.30 p.m.: Dj set Magia&Flower / Gopher;
10.00 p.m.: Super Reverb;
10,30 p.m.: Cambio Palco
Exhibition of Francesco Giannico and Alberto Piccinni (muzAk) using recycled musical instruments.
11.00 p.m.: Gardenya;
11,30 p.m.: Cambio Palco – Award eco-photo
00.00 a.m.: Boo Boo Vibration
1,30/2,00 a.m.: Dj set Magia&Flower/Gopher
Laboratory about the making of musical instruments held by Alberto Piccinni (Muzak).
IBN KALB is a unit of musical and comunicative experimentation committed in the creation and ideation of non conventional instruments realized with recycled materials and in their many tecqniques of use: performance, art and avant-garde, musical education, teaching workshop for children or teachers, intercultural projects, international work fields etc. It's committed mostly in the mediterranean area for projects that bind music - avant-garde – interculture – education IBN KALB is related to the group Vazca 
Laboratory of “Ecology of Sound” held by Francesco Giannico, electroacoustic/experimental musician. This lab is part of the project “CAETE” that won the contest “Active Principles- Young ideas for a better Puglia” promoted by the Regione Puglia in July 2008.
The project takes place in Carosino in province of Taranto and is committed to social inclusion and active citizenship; it wants to use the practice of art as an instrument of territorial animation.
The project is held by the Associazione of Social Promotion LAB LIB through four kind of activities: ecology of sound, writing and realization of a book, animated reading, art for society.
ECOCINEMA : space dedicated to the projection of a series of short movies related to environmental issues
projection of “La via delle fiche” documentary thought and produced by the director Carlo Cascione and of “Il profilo dell'orizzonte” short movie by Tommaso Faggiano.
speech of Claudio Miani, Communication and Marketing of Cinem’Art of
Rome that will present the following shorts:
Indagine 345 - by Sergio Vecia
Anna Politkovskaja - by Fernando Maddaloni
Il talento do Fabio – by Andrea di Bari
Una circostanza fortuita – Emanuele Michetti
Alien Inside – Giacomo Bartocci
Interscambio –By Antonello Novellino and Antonio Quintamilla
Salim – byb Tommaso Landucci
Il Vincitore - by Davide Lebanti (winner of the Second Edition of the Rom’Art Indipendent Festival).
These shorts have been part of the Second Edition of the “Rom’Art Indipendent Festival”, independent festival of Motion-picture Shorts, Theatrical shorts and Photography promoted by the Cultural Association Cinem’Art in collaboration with the Sinergy Art Studio of Rome. and
ECOPHOTOGRAPHY: projection of photos realized for the Contest “Eco-fotografia” : the environmental decay through the images” organized by LeMiriadi49 to promote the event; at the end the award ceremony in loco by sector specialists.
ECOINSTALLATIONS : “H2Spa” by Giuseppe Donadei AKA “Guidon” can be defined an artist at 360°, his artistic interest indeed goes from spot graphics to screen printing, from digital photography to short movies, to videoclips, to multimedial theatre without disregarding working on metals and music.
He participated and organized many local exhibition, but he also stood out, outside this contest, participating in the last two years in Vicenza at the contest ITALIA CREATIVA, with the very short movie “Il piccolissimo libro delle risposte”, in Milan at the Concorso Nazionale for the restyling of the logo of the Association ADIM; at the national Conest Rom’Art Indipendent Festival of Rome in the section Photo with the Tryptich “La Custode”.
This year he has realized and auto-produced two short movies:
“Le cave di bauxite Otranto” and “La persistenza della memoria”.
Stands bio products of local agricultural companies;
Stands of Legambiente and L.I.L.T. with dott. Serravezza;
Demonstrative stands held by designers about creation of objects made with recycled materials (purses, forniture, ecc)
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