Aliens Inside: An extraterrestrial TV series

(a –not so– free translation)

Aliens Inside is an extraordinarily innovative independent series, created by Giacomo R. Bartocci (director of A Mechanical Heart in an Anonymous Body about and with Franco Brocani) on air on UFO Solar TV on Monday at  9:29 p.m..

The series –special mention at the Rom’Art Independent Festival «for the originality and the quest, through narrative simplicity, to be food for thought»– shows an alien (performed by debutant Daniele Sciarretta), with extraterrestrians' typcal and eye-catching clichés (green skin and spatial suit), who wonders undisturbed through Rome without anybody to notice him.

In Aliens Inside the alien, clearly coming from another dimension, becomes protagonist of our world, describing the gloomy situation of someone going completely unnoticed: overtaken while standing in line for the counter, not served at the bar, not greeted in the lift, despite being quite “visible”.

Mario Tani, movie director and artistic director of UFO Solar TV, talks about the series this way: «I've seen all the episodes. Very funny! In practice, this poor alien -- nobody notices him. And, in my opinion, the truly absurd thing is that he wears glasses». 13 episodes, each one shorter than one minute, hilarious, funny, irriverent, with a comical verve that wants to be food for thought as Monty Python's, shot very low budget and thought to be enjoyed also on the mobile phones or as independent shorts.

Aliens Inside puts up common feeling: incommunicableness with other, feeling invisibile or different from the rest of the world.

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