Aliens Inside

An extraterrestrial comedy!

(a –not so– free translation)

Curious, ironic and original, all this is Aliens Inside! Very short movies of 1 minute with a very eye-catching alien struggling with the human lives beeing protagonist. All episodes have no dialogue and this makes this fact TV series really funny and unique. You'll see an extraterrestrial dipped in the human world, among shops, streets and bookshops, in common life situations and -incredible but true- he'll go unnoticed despite of his odd clothes, his green skin and the classic feelers, unmissable for every alien in the collective imagination! These small episode are directed by Giacomo R. Bartocci and written by him and Emanuela Ughi, Lamberto Mongiorgi, Serena Lombardi and by our news editor Morena Mancinelli. If you're intrigued or interested by this fully well-made on web TV experiment, that already received a special mention at the Rom’Art Independent Festival, you can watch the episodes each monday on UFO SOLAR TV (, a real independent streaming TV.

Three questions for Giacomo R.Bartocci, Aliens Inside's creator
by Morena Mancinelli
Where did the idea of the series come from?
«Most of my works are longer and more complex; in my opinion non easily suitable for the web. One day I chanced upon a contest for very short movies for the web and I thought of partecipating my way. So I figured out a series with many episodes which could be appreciated also as unconnected short movies»
Why the aliens as protagonists?
«Aliens are in almost each work of mine since 2006. In the beginning they were flat characters, they were just the representation of the passion for Sci-Fi of the main character of 11½, my graduation short at NUCT -International School of Cinema and Television- at Cinecitt√†. In Aliens Inside they become protagonist of the real world e describe the gloomy situation of going unnoticed and being overcome at a shop queue, even being very "visible". In my personal case, for example, I'm not green, but certainly I'm not gracile but sometimes it seems I'm invisible anyway (laughs
Can you give an advise to young people wanting like you to make cinema become their job?
«To heavily committ in distribution and promotion of the realized works: it's a long work, often boring and that, unlike the production of the single works, never comes to an end; constance, discipline and availability are really necessary. Many creative people hope to be able to avoid these efforts, that, when they'll be famous, will be care of other (distributors, agents and promoters); but, until that whished time, I think it'll be hard for them to find an effective argument against this comment by Spike Lee: "If you have a film and you're talented and someone is not seeing it, it's your fault"».

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