General Terms

Last update: 20/12/2010


The Site Aliens Inside ( and all its URLs) is the official site (from now on  “Site”) of the series of micro-short-movies Aliens Inside (from now on “Series”) by Giacomo R. Bartocci.

The Site publishes information about the Series and about other related projects, but it's intended also to provide some Services, whose specific terms must be accepted separately in order to use them.

To use the Services offered by the Site it's necessary to create a personal account, signing, through acceptance, both the General Terms of the site and the specific terms of each Service the user wants to use.

It is possible that some external links are present on the Site: users understand that we are in no way responsible of those external sites and we invite users to read their terms and privacy policies.

All the material in this Site is protected by copyright, unless where expressly stated  otherwise.

The Site has the power to change and/or to delete any content published by the Users for any reason whatsoever, at its unchallengeable discretion and without having to provide any explanations.


The Site offers different newsletters; in order to receive them, it's sufficient to provide an e-mail address (it's not necessary to create an account becoming a Registered User to receive any of the newsletters).

1) Newsletter SERVICES. (Indicative frequency: LOW)
Info about the Services offered by the Site. Here the User shall receive communication about new Services or about new elements of Services already present on the Site (for example: a new customizable postcard for the Postcards Service).

2) Newsletter SERIES. (Indicative frequency: MEDIUM)
Info about the series Aliens Inside. Here the User shall receive communications about the release of new episodes, the creation of new seasons, the occasions where the Series or its parts will be broadcast or show, et cetera.

3) Newsletter OTHER PROJECTS. (Indicative frequency: HIGH)
Info about all the other projects.

In any moment it's possible to unsubscribe any or all newsletters.


Registering to the Site, the User guarantees that he/she has full faculty to do so, to use the Services without that the fact constitutes infringement of any laws or regulations of the country of his/her citizenship and/or of the country from where he/she uses the Services.

The Services offered by this Site are thought for an audience of people also younger than 18, but to register it is necessary to be 14 years old at least. The underage user which wants to register to the Site must have the consent of his/her parents or of whom exercises the parental authority.

The User is personally and fully responsible for keeping confidential his/her username and password, and for restricting access to his/her computer or other device to access to the internet, and, consequently, for all the activities on the Site made by his/her account. It's complete responsibility of the User to immediately notify the unauthorized use of his/her username and password or any other violation of security (otherwise he/she will be considered co-responsible for the consequences of the following activities made in violation of his/her account), and to log out from the Site at the end of each session.

The User won't be considered responsible for the infringements of the terms of the Site or of the law only if he/she can demonstrate that his/her account has been used by third parties even if the User behaved without malice or negligence in keeping his/her access data (password) private.

If the Site doesn't take action against the Users or third parties in case of their infringements, this will not imply a quitclaim of the exercise of such right and it doesn't exclude the possibility to take action in future for a new or similar infringement.

The eventual failure of the Site to exercise any rights or dispositions of the terms (General Terms, Privacy Policy and specific terms of the Services) won't be considered a quitclaim to such right or disposition.


The Registered User, opposite to a person who has only subscribed any of the newletters, understands that it could be necessary to communicate with him/her, in order to provide important information about the Site (for example about the possible update of the General Terms or of the specific terms he/she has subscribed) or to send messages about the content the User uploaded to the Site, particularly in case of supposed infringements (of copyright, rights of the likeness of people, et cetera) or of the terms of the Site. The Registered User cannot renounce to be contacted by the Site for such reasons, both if his/her account is active or already closed. However, usually the frequency of these communications should be very low.

In case we don't receive an answer to a request within 5 days from its mailing date, we will consider ourselves authorized to act as we want and we'll have faculty, but not the duty, not to consider any further complaints received after such term, that the User, registering to the Site, states to find absolutely reasonable.

It's so up to the User, furthermore, to check regularly his/her own e-mails at the address provided to the Site and to keep the Site updated about eventual changes of his/her e-mail address (so that the Site can address these communications to an e-mail account checked often and regularly).


The User has the faculty to close his/her account in any moment, but he/she states that he fully understands that:
1) some contractual bindings between the User and the Site do not cease at the closure of the account;
2) the content which is not removed from the Site before the closure of the account will remain published on the Site;
3) some licenses given to the Site on the uploaded material (see the specific terms of each Service for details) are not revocable and are given in perpetuity.

The Site can close accounts of Users recidivist about infringements of the General Terms or of the specific terms of the Services without duty to provide any explanation. The Site can take the measures to prevent the opening of a new account by a User whose a previous account has been closed for infringements.


We reserve the right to change and complete the General Terms and any specific terms of the Services (also the Privacy Policy), in order to improve them and/or to satisfy new needs.

The previous terms will be always available on the Site; in case of update, we commit ourselves to clearly state the changes, if it's not the case of a radical rewriting (in case, we will state that nature of the update).

Registered Users (those with an open account at the moment) will be notified via e-mail about the updates of the Terms, as follows.

1) In case a new Service is launched, since its specific terms wouldn't change the terms already subscribed, they will be immediately in force for Users who want to subscribe them to use the new Service.

2) In case the updates don't imply the reducing of rights and/or the increase of the responsibilities of the Registered User, we'll notify the update at least 7 days before the new terms will be in force; they'll be considered accepted and applied also to the material previously uploaded on the Site if the User doesn't close his/her account within the date in which new terms will be in force in place of the previous ones (closing the account before new terms are in force, the new terms won't be subscribed by the User).

3) In case the updates involve bigger changes, and in particular if they imply the reducing of the rights and/or the increase of the responsibilities of the Registered User, we will notify the update at least 30 days before the new terms will be in force; they'll be considered accepted and applied also to the material previously uploaded on the Site if the User doesn't close his/her account within the date in which new terms will be in force in place of the previous ones (closing the account before new terms are in force, the new terms won't be subscribed by the User).


The Sites offers its performances and Services AS IS ans so Users understand and accept to use it/them at their own risk. The Site declines any warranty, express or implied, of tradability, suitability for a particular task of non infringement. The Site declines any responsibilities for completeness, precision, availability, accuracy, security or reliability of the Services and of any content and it provides no warranties. The Site won't be considered responsible for any damage to computers, Users' data loss or other damages which may result connected to the Users' access to the Site and the Users' use of the Services or of any content. Users accept that the Site has no responsibility for the flawed data deletion, flawed store of data or flawed transmission of content and of other communications connected with the Services. The Site doesn't guarantee that the Services satisfy the Users' needs and/or that the Services will be available without breaks, for ever, secure or without errors.


For how much the law consents this, the Site and all the people involved in its functioning won't be responsible for any damage direct, indirect, accidental, special, consequent or punitive, including, just for example and without ambition to be complete, gain loss, data loss, use, or other immaterial loss due to the access to the Site or to the use of the Services, including, without limitations, behaviours which are defamatory, offensive or illegal by other Users or by third parties, for any content obtained through the Services, for the unauthorized access, for the use or alteration of transmission of the Users' content, if based on warranty, deal, guilt (including negligence) or any other legal theory, even in case the Site has been informed of the possibility of such damage and even if a remedy we may try reveals itself as ineffective.


Users can't be defamatory against the Site.

The User, furthermore, declare to act following wisdom. Without ambition to be complete, he/she commits himself/herself not to assist other in doing nor to do on his/her own what follows: infringe laws or regulations; publish material against any form of intellectual and industrial property (not only copyright), the right of the likeness of people, privacy of third parties and rights deriving from deals made with third parties. By registering, the User commits himself/herself to respect in their entirety all the subscribed terms (General Terms, specific terms of the Services and the Privacy Policy of the Site).

It's forbidden to Users to do anything to undermine the stability or the efficiency of the Services of the Site, to study its vulnerability, to violate or bypass security and authentication measures, access the Site and/ore the Services unless through the interface as it is in that moment for how the Site itself provides it.

Without ambition to be complete, but just to provide some example, it's forbidden: to access, violate or use reserved areas of the Site/Services, the automated systems of the Site, or the systems of technical delivery of the providers of the Site; to try, analyze, test the vulnerability of any system or network,  to violate or bypass security or authentication procedures;  to access, search or try to access or search the Services with any mean (automated or not) if not through the interfaces published on the Site, as they are at the time of the access to the Site (and only in respect of the terms of the Site), unless the User has been authorized for this purpose through a separate agreement with the Site; to use the Services in any way to send information, altered, deceiving or false about the identification of the source; to stop or interfere (or try to) with the access of any users, hosts or networks, including, just for example and without the ambition to be complete, to send virus,  to overload the Site,  to flood it,  to spam,  to mail-bomb to the Site, or to use script/scripts to create content which can interfere with the Services or create an overload.


These General Terms, plus our Privacy Policy and the specific terms of the Services subscribed by the User constitute the entire agreement between the Site and the User. These terms replace and supersede any prior agreement between the User and the Site about the User's use of the Site and of the Services that he/she has subscribed.


If any disposition of the terms of the site (General Terms, Privacy Policy and specific terms) is considered not valid or non applicable, the other ones will remain in force.


This agreement is made under the Italian law.


For any dispute, the User accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the Foro di Perugia (Italy).


All the terms of the site are redacted in Italian.

Translations are provided to use of users who don't know Italian, but, in case of mismatch between a translation and the Italian version, this one will be the one in force.